PlayGame: Moving The Game Economy to Blockchain

PlayGame Token (PXG) is an ERC20 cryptocurrency token with smart contract platform that enables game publisher, developer and community to monetize directly from cryptocurrency users all over the world. will be a platform to distribute games and crowdfund game or game-related developments. We strive to seamlessly blend the virtual economy with the real world economy using cryptocurrency. Our SDK will enable any game publisher/developers to implement their own token economy in their games. Enabling all games to have features like rewarding loyal users with tokens, implement pool prize on multiplayer games and tournaments and many more.

We aim to provide a full ecosystem for a game developer that includes distribution channel through website, direct-to-user monetization SDK using our PXG token and our platform for crowdfunding called the FunFund initiative.

“easy distribution to the gamer community and fun raising your gaming development.”

Anyone can play using their mobile phones or computer, directly in any modern internet browser or even from an in-app browser component, making it easy to be embedded in any mobile or messaging app.

Players just need to give a URL to add another player to a session (synchronous or asynchronous). Using PXG, players can pool their tokens and compete to win it. Timely tournaments can work the same way.

The Playgame Team combines a total of 30 years of experience in tech, ļ¬ntech, e-commerce from veteran startup founders.

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