concertVR: based cross-platform for VR content

Imagine you could enjoy concerts from all around the globe in real-time without leaving your home!
concertVR will offers its tickets as in-app purchases, via common online ticket providers and also at stationary ticket counters. The revenue of the platform will be generated by the sale of usage periods for either a live concert, an on-demand concert or a single song. In addition, there shall be the opportunity to purchase a VR passport as an add-on to the real ticket.

ConcertVR is a product of Goodstuff-Media Berlin. The foundation of any successful product is the integration of complementary competencies. The team around concertVR is built on a conglomerate of experts with many years of experience in video production, artist management, ticket marketing, financial management, and app development. “Driven by the vision of making real spaces virtual and emotional, we created ConcertVR - a product in which we place our utmost attention and love.“

concertVR changes everything – are you ready to rock? 
Enjoy real concerts in Virtual Reality – in real-time or on-demand at a time of your choice, Once purchased, enjoy your content across any platform – on your smartphone, VR glasses, browser or SmartTV, Choose from different camera perspectives, where you want to experience the concert from, Search different categories and find your favorite artists and acts, Buy individual songs or entire concerts simply by in-app purchase, Enter a coupon code and enjoy selected content for free, Let your friends know which concert you are watching via social media, Experience their reactions in realtime in the app, Invite friends directly during the concert and chat with them.

We create our own token CVT 
concertVR Token (CVT) will be running on Ethereum TOKEN NAME: CVT we will create a total of 400,000,000 concertVR Token (CVT) for pre ICO and ICO contributors The fixed cost of a single token is 0.00015 ETH (during the pre ICO and ICO campaign) pre ICO had a hard cap of 1,200 ETH Main ICO will lead to a market capitalization capped at 60,000 ETH pre ICO sold out in less than 4 days.

Join now to receive your tokens and become a part of the concertVR family!

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