FiiiCOIN: Decrypting Cryptocurrencies

Crossing Borders. There are now over 1500 cryptocurrencies in the world with a combined market capitalization of over USD300 billion. The collective value of cryptocurrencies has risen sharply in recent years. Adoption, however, stands at only about 1% of the global population. Concerns were raised about its price volatility, user-friendliness, and general reliability as a form of currency.

FiiiCOIN, a cryptocurrency created with long-term stability and commercial viability in mind, is designed to overcome all these limitations - and in a brave new world of borderless spending, it is set to redefine how cryptocurrencies are used, processed and managed altogether.

Optimization at Its Finest 
FiiiCOIN is developed based on FiiiCHAIN, a versatile, fully self-developed blockchain technology powered by its very own consensus mechanism DPoC (Delegate Proof of Capacity). Compatible with multiple terminals such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and all FiiiGROUP-issued terminals, FiiiCHAIN DPoC paves the way for unprecedented participation in the cryptocurrency market where virtually any user with free storage or memory space is able to partake in the mining process.

Why FiiiCOIN? The FiiiCOIN Advantage On Your Side Envisioned as the ultimate “benchmark” cryptocurrency, FiiiCOIN was developed following in-depth studies of the design, structure, strengths, and weaknesses of major leading cryptocurrencies. These insights were then translated into the design of FiiiCOIN, resulting in a cryptocurrency that is resolute and robust in design, possessing all the strengths of major cryptocurrencies yet without most of their weaknesses.

An All-Inclusive, Forward-Thinking Blockchain Ecosystem The FiiiGROUP vision is more than just about innovative products and solutions - it is about building an inter-connected cross-platform Blockchain ecosystem. With FiiiCHAIN, our very own Blockchain technology as the ground framework, we aim to forge an all-encompassing ecosystem where products and solutions can integrate seamlessly and “speak” a common language to provide a truly exceptional user experience.

FiiiPOS One Terminal A Thousand Possibilities
More than a thousand possibilities to be exact. FiiiPOS is the only mobile payment POS terminal in the world that is compatible with more than 1,500 types of cryptocurrencies. Designed with a patented technology, FiiiPOS supports a multitude of functions including NFC, Bluetooth, code-scanning, GPS close-range payments, and facial recognition. FiiiPOS is powered by FiiiGROUP’s very own patented Bluetooth payment technology. It is designed to receive custom data payload broadcasted by any compatible smartphone via Bluetooth. With this technology, users can share payment data securely even when offline.

Powering the Next Blockchain Frontier 
FiiiCHAIN, the blockchain technology underpinning the Fiii ecosystem and serving as the foundation for FiiiGroup’s products and solutions, is a product of years of research and development conducted by FiiiGroup in search of the ultimate blockchain technology. It was developed based on Bitcoin’s blockchain but minus its weaknesses and with the addition of a host of enhanced features and capabilities. FiiiCHAIN was developed from the ground up using C Sharp (C#) programming language, a widely recognized programming language popular among large corporations. Featuring a dynamic layered approach to Blockchain architecture, strategic components of FiiiCHAIN can be modularized to suit specific applications. This versatile design allows FiiiCHAIN to support a panoramic scope of data including transaction records, contracts, product serial numbers and many more.

The Safer & Easier Place to Buy, Sell & Exchange Cryptocurrencies 
With a view to creating a secure digital financial environment where all forms of cryptocurrencies can be exchanged with zero friction, FiiiGROUP introduced FiiiEX, a unified all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange platform. FiiiEX supports not only all major cryptocurrencies but also transactions from third-party currency exchanges to ensure a borderless spending experience - all with an attractively competitive transaction fees structure.

Power in Your Pocket Online AND Offline 
More than just an eWallet, FiiiPAY offers a streamlined and convenient way to store money and make payments. Compatible with multi-currency transactions and more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies, FiiiPAY is developed with powerful capabilities such as compatibility with all FiiiGROUP-issued terminals, P2P transfers, C2B payments as well as offline payment capabilities.


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