LIKER: Blockchain platform that combines education & technology


LIKER WORLD is a block-chain-based educational content platform. This is accompanied by a donation policy related to educational projects. Innovation in future education through technology is oriented towards a better society and humanity. Based on the idea that all corporate activities should pursue social values, LIKER has 3 main aspects: TRUST, REWARD, and DONATION.


  • Regardless of race, region, wealth, you can learn though LIKER.
  • Regardless when and where you can learn through LIKER.
  • LIKER uses Big Data to provide content services.
  • LIKER offers the latest learning contents for your needs.
  • All the activities at LIKER are encrypted in the blockchain that is transparent and safe.
  • Get customized, be trained at LIKER.

Get rewarded  As you study

  • Access to education is often limited by such factors as social class or wealth that are beyond our personal choice or control.
  • The right to education should be equal to anyone.
  • But what if a person is willing to learn regardless of where they are and when they want.
  • LIKER creates the right ecosystem for education.
  • LIKER opens the equal opportunity for anyone who wants to learn.
  • All participants in LIKER platform will get rewarded in blockchain economy.


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