ProBit Exchange is built to be the most professional, global and secure marketplace for digital assets.
PROB is a utility token native to ProBit Exchange. PROB provides benefits for traders including discounts and rights on the platform.


CHANGE THE CRYPTOCURRENCY WORLD Support us in building the ProBit platform, an innovative platform poised to create waves in the global cryptocurrency market.

BUILD THE PROBIT ECOSYSTEM PROB will serve as the backbone for the ProBit ecosystem that will include local fiat exchanges and ICO platform.

In building the ProBit platform, we sought to distinguish the platform from the numerous copycatexchanges that have proliferated the market. In our vision of ProBit, we have sought to build a platform that would be the most global, professional, and secure digital asset exchange for traders.ProBit aims to be truly global with digital asset exchanges in each of the major financial will be a global Coin-to-Coin (C2C)exchange that will be the center of the ProBit’supcoming local fiat-to-coin exchange set up the inseveral country. ProBit built a world-class trading engine to provide fast and robust trading experience. With abundant liquidity and trading pairs, ProBit will be the most efficient market for digital assets. The features built into the exchange will help traders analyze anddetermine the right trades to make. These features include a customizable dashboard and multi-lingual customer service, and future developments such as margin trading and ICO platforms.A key characteristic that differentiates ProBit from other digital asset exchanges is solid security.ProBit will offer a wide array of options for traders to secure their digital assets so they can feel safe to store and trade assets on the exchange.

ProBit provides top performance trading platform based on superior technology. Its matching engine is one of the world’s fastest among the competitors.  It can handle more than 1,500,000 transactions per second.  Its processing is very fast and reliable, which will give its users a solid advantage in the market.

ProBit aims to have a comprehensive interface that will be powerful to professional traders and at the same time will be very convenient and easy for every user including beginners. A key software feature that the ProBit platform will introduce is an amodular dashboard that will be able to support full customization. We feel that many exchanges that exist today have the same layout with the same constantly blinking of information. With a customizable layout on the platform, the dashboard can be built to the preference of each trader with only the most relevant and prevalent information for the trader. Under the fully customized interface, any type of investors will be allowed to quickly place orders on a powerful system.

The main source of income for ProBit is trading fees charged on trades that occur on the
platform. Base rates of the trading fee are as follows:

If the trading fee is paid in PROB, a discount of up to 50% applies to the fee rate(i.e., 0.050% for taker and 0.025% for maker). The discounts for ProBit will be detailed under ProBit token section. Charging a very low fee to makers (i.e. a base rate of 0.050%) is our commitment to creating abundant liquidity by giving advantages to market making. We believe this pricing as well as mining of PROB will encourage liquidity in exchange and provide benefits for makers. Other revenue streams include listing fees if we decide to charge, withdrawal fees, and other fees associated with the planned implementation of margin trading and other products.

The funds raised in private sale, pre-sale and IEO will follow the guideline outlined below. The figures will adjust depending on the requirements at the time of the coin offering and updates on changes, and the rationale will be provided prior to each coin offering.

Issuance of PROB is currently slated to have the following allocation.

The sale of 20,000,000 PROB will occur in several planned rounds prior to and launch via Private Sale, Pre-Sale and IEO. The Private Sale will occur prior to the launch and will be available only to selected investors. The Pre-Sale will be the first chance any user can get PROB. To participate in the Pre-Sale, users will need to have registered for an account at ProBit. The pricing and further details of the PROB PreSale will be announced at a later date. Any unsold tokens from Private Sale and PreSale will be sold via IEO upon the launch of the ProBit Exchange.  Trade Mining will also begin upon the launch of ProBit Exchange.

40,000,000 PROB allocated for strategic reserves will be issued only if a plan to issue and use PROB for the benefit of existing PROB holders as a whole and ProBitExchange is announced for one (1) month or longer period, after which a resolution is passed among PROB holders or appointees elected by PROB holders (e.g. supernodes). Currently, there is no plan to issue.

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