TravelNote: Blockchain Technology on Travel Platform

COMPANY BACKGROUND Cryptocurrency nowadays has been widely recognized throughout the world. Due to that very reason, we grabbed this golden opportunity by incorporating cryptocurrency into our travel system. We are very much interested to focus on digital currency market as the main payment gate into our travel business in the near future.

Travel Market Tourism sector is always one of the thriving industries. The surge of tourist arrivals, especially the influx of tourists from big populations like China and India, as well as the high-income Middle Eastern market, has given the tourism sector a much-needed boost. The fast-growing tourism industry catalyzes the economic growth in the nation, and many people started to see the hidden business opportunities within the tourism industry. The greater and ever-lasting demand from the market will make this business very profitable and a huge success.

TravelNote is a business associated with traveling and has been operating since the year 2015. It offers a variety of services, which include purchasing airline tickets, making hotel reservations, creating itineraries for the tour (or special packages) and providing information about specific destinations. It also provides car and motorbike renting services. TravelNote has experienced in serving major group tour, private tour, family and even corporations.

Mission To be the pioneer in travel with blockchain technology that serves any travel related needs to people in southeast Asia.

Vission Be the most trusted and innovative travel management company in the world.

TravelNote Ecosystem is very essential to maintain the efficiency of the TravelNote project. Taking this into account, we will focus on the running of TravelNote ecosystem as the main payment gate to our business.

TravelNote Platform will be the leading business in travel with blockchain technology that offers its benefits as well as the specialty to travelers around the globe, not only for recreational purposes but even business-related travel needs covering flight ticket and hotel.

Buy Back Program Guarantee As we already know that TravelNote token will be used as the payment gate in our travel business including all its products and in fact, we are looking forward to having a remittance feature in our next long-term project. After all TravelNote tokens have been circulated to the public/market, automatically we should have all these TravelNote tokens stock back by ‘buy-back’ method as the tokens are very limited.

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