Cubego or Cubegoes, are 3D building block(s) which enable you to build your very own bespoke and personalized 3D models called Cubegon. Some cube materials are limited and more powerful than others. They are key to make your Cubegons stronger. Moreover, you own a copyright of your characters so that no one can copy them. You can trade your characters for Ether or send them to battles to earn more items and rewards. Let's immerse into a fun world of limitless creativity!

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Cubego Presale is an Exclusive event for you to collect Limited Cubegoes from a store, which will no longer be available post-Presale. These limited Cubegoes are materials to create God, Champion, and Elite Cubegon characters. These Cubegons fight in higher ranked battles, unlock more Dungeons and are able to win more rewards. Some special deals are available during the Presale and you can grab them in store.

Your Cubegon characters are 100% unique. No one can copy them. Creating a character also grants you a copyright ownership, making you the only one who can create color variants of the character. The copyright owner is tied to the "Original" character only and is also transferable to other players by selling the "Original" characters. Sell variants of a character or the "Original" one, you decide!

Both Cubegoes (cube blocks) and Cubegons (characters) are tradable. Limited Cubegoes are essential to building high-tier Cubegons. As they will not be available in store post-Presale, their value will increase and benefit anyone who owns them. Those value can be realized via trading. High-tier Cubegons like Champion and Elite can learn exclusive battle moves, which makes them more valuable.

What's more exciting is to bring your own characters to battle, conquer challenges and gain rewards. What you can earn includes Cubego Boxes, EMONT tokens, Special items, Special Cubegons, and Battle moves. High-tier Cubegons like Champion and Elite fight in higher-class battles, unlock more Dungeons and hence can win more rewards than Common Cubegons. They also learn more Exclusive Battle Moves and have more slots for crafting.

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