AIR WALLET: The first digital wallet that platform, disrupting the Airdrop industry.

AIR WALLET is an ERC-20 compliant, cryptocurrency mobile wallet application, that allows users to store assets and receive airdrops through one unified, secure system.

With AIR WALLET being a wallet platform, we have made investing in ICOs and receiving airdrops easy, while keeping your assets safe and transferable, with just the touch of a button. Cryptocurrency trading is increasing in popularity daily. As the new trend for ICOs to gain a community shift to the using Airdrops, a new channel of marketing has opened up for Host Projects and a new form of exchange is available to the user base.


Many projects are offering Airdrops to participants but fail to fairly distribute it to users when it comes time.

  • Time-consuming to search and find
  • Complex steps & many required tasks
  • Locked and not available for immediate use
  • Transaction fees to transfer Airdrops


First-time ICO participants may find the process of investing in a token project too difficult. ICOs requires an individual to thoroughly research on the project and learn how to correctly transfer funds.

  • Difficult to understand
  • Evaluate projects for scams
  • Constantly monitor for updates
  • High barrier of entry for newcomers


There are many existing blockchain projects out on the market but suffer from low visibility and not enough use of their platform.

  • Low visibility from token holders
  • Service is limited to native tokens
  • Limited community growth
  • Can’t be integrated with other platforms


Being fully ERC-20 compliant, AIR WALLET will bring forth a seamless user experience for anyone using our wallet. Manage all your cryptocurrencies and Airdrops through AIR WALLET.


Token Holders: The AIR WALLET platform exists with the support of cryptocurrency token holders. Token Holders will be the ones who contribute to the many services that AIR WALLET provides. The more people use, contribute and participate in AIR WALLET the greater the value of the token economy becomes and in turn the tokens stored within AIR WALLET’S ecosystem will become more beneficial to the users themselves.



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